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Laberit’s machine vision developments provide tools for taking decisions based on information provided by images in several environments (process automation, defect detection, dimensional control …). Laberit develops methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding real world images in order to produce numerical or symbolic information that can be processed by a computer.

As humans use eyes and brains, computer vision tries to produce the same effect so that computers can perceive and understand images and act as appropriate in a given situation. The acquisition of data is achieved by multiple technologies ranging from cameras or scanners to medical imaging devices, laser or ultrasound.


Software development of image acquisition and processing applications

Laberit staff have high quality experience in the development of vision systems for industrial and consumer applications. In addition, Laberit has a huge experience in those particular aspects related to the development of complementary software (databases, user interfaces, control and communications modules, data analytics …) frequent in these kinds of applications, provided by the wide knowledge gained from the development of many software applications.

Machine Vision System integration

The integration of systems covers the assembly of all the optical elements (cameras, lenses, filters, elements of adaptation and positioning…), selection, configuration and positioning of lighting systems until the configuration of image acquisition and processing systems is complete.


Laberit also offer services focused on the analysis of processes and products, the required specification of component and machine vision systems, the design of specific solutions, constraints analysis of production processes, state of the art studies and audit of proposed solutions.

Specification / Design of lighting systems.

Depending on the problem to be resolved, there are specific considerations regarding the lighting systems to be used. In traditional vision systems, it is usually sufficient that the scene presents uniform levels of illumination with no annoying reflections. These configurations are obtained through the experience of the developers or through trial and error techniques. Nevertheless, considerations about the uniformity of illumination throughout the whole scene to maintain the sensitivity of the solution,  considerations such as the effects produced by possible surface features, or even the possibility of obtaining certain beneficious effects over the object (structured lighting, deflectometry, etc.) all require a significant knowledge of optics, as well as of components and materials. This knowledge of imaging environments is not widespread and Laberit has a core competence in this regard. In certain applications, from results obtained in laboratory testing it may be concluded that custom designs of lighting system are necessary to meet project requirements.


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