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Biometric presence control systems

Control and securely manage access to your organization

Presence control systems, or biometric facial recognition systems, are tools that allow companies to effectively manage their employees’ schedules and hours worked, as well as access control, visits, and time and production control that allow optimization of resources in companies and institutions. Always respecting the flexibility in schedules or the times that are needed for the management of certain tasks.


NeuronalFace PC-POS-TABLET, is designed to record markings in small businesses, offices, shops, hotels, call centers, chain stores or restaurants.

It can be easily installed on one or more PCs, POS terminals or tablets with any operating system (Android from v.4.1, iOS v.9, Windows, Linux), any browser (except explorer -discontinued-).

On Line systems, in real time.

Keep records if there is no coverage until it is restored.

Single-user or multi-user installation.

Its liveliness system prevents identity theft through photos or videos.

When starting the process in the case of multi-user, all the photographs of the employees registered in that terminal appear, touching yours activates the facial verification and registration process. An employee code can also be added for double security and not generate an intrusion attempt alarm.

A minimum 2 Megapixel micro-camera is required.

The facility must have Internet access.


Due to its simplicity and versatility, NeuronalFace Mobility is the best tool for registering personnel when they do not require or cannot go to a specific or fixed place. The only product on the market to register both individuals and work crews/brigades with a total anti-fraud guarantee through our advanced facial recognition.

Designed to operate on smartphones or tablets of any brand/model, under Android OS v.4.1 onwards, iOS v.9.0 onwards and Windows, any browser on the market.

On Line systems in real time (saves the records if there is no coverage until it is restored).

Mono or multi-user registration, even for smartphones.

Geolocation option, as well as identification of plots in rural areas automatically in the SIGPAC (Spain).

Task definition if required in the configuration.

They operate in unison in real time with the rest of the terminals, if they exist in other areas of the company.


Control and governance platform for all terminals

Qges is developed in a Web environment, installable in the Cloud by a Hosting system, or Hosted on a local server.

It is the perfect personnel management assistant. Control in real time all registered users from any NeuralFace system (PC-POS-TABLET and Mobility).

It allows access to the platform with username and password and random security code, from any device with internet access.

Several access criteria for administrators, managers, managers, employees (check your quadrant).

Automated incorporation through excel of shift schedules already existing on other platforms.

With a simple click, we know the staff present/absent in each area.

Notice of absence without justification to the person in charge, in an automated way, once the established courtesy time has been exceeded, if so defined in the control parameters.

If task control is established, through the corresponding query/report, we can determine the hours used for each one, both at the employee level and as a total. The same goes for incidents.

Any alarm originating in the terminals is detected and filtered in Qges so that the administrator or person in charge of the platform is aware of it.

All queries and reports can be printed as a pdf or exported to Excel or CSV.

Presence and access control is carried out from the same platform.

Possibility of linking with the main payroll programs on the market.


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