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Native mobile applications (iOS and Android)


Native apps with Swift and Kotlin. Cross-platform with Ionic and Flutter.
Backend in Django or Laravel.

We put at your disposal a human team of more than 60 specialists and more than ten years of experience in mobile technology. We offer you the best mobile solution both for the needs of your large company and to help you scale your startup.

"We must move fast with strong partnerships and Alfresco has allowed to create a transformative, scalable, open and easy to use, and we did it in just six weeks"

Conceptualization, user experience and interface design (UX/UI)

Consulting service to help you find the best technical solution for your application. We analyze what the purpose of the app is, what problem it tries to solve, who the user is and how we are going to solve their problem. Later we design the user experience, focusing on representing the main functions of the application, the navigation between the screens and the interactions between them. After having defined all the functionalities, we add colors, gradients, fonts, texts, images, logos and shapes until we reach the final design.

Backend and web administration panels with Django (Python) or Laravel (PHP)

Design and modeling of the database.

Its logical structure is established, including the relationships and constraints that determine how data is stored and accessed.

API development.

An API is used to communicate the application with the database, in this way the logic is on the server and not on the mobiles, making it more scalable and modular.

Hosting of the backend on the server.

We use highly scalable cloud servers. We normally propose Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean.

Management panels

We developed a management system in web format to manage the contents of the application. We use the standard Django layout or a more bespoke PHP solution.

Native or cross-platform front-end development

We program with the tools that best suit the project. With native iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin or Java) technology, or cross-platform with Ionic or Flutter. Our apps can incorporate services such as maps and geolocation, micropayments, push notifications, chat.


At Lãberit we put all our knowledge at your service. Technicians, professionals and experts create specialized content every week to keep you up to date with the latest technology.

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By Aitor Pilán de Miguel, DirCom of Lãberit

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By Esteban Anguita, Marketing Director at Lãberit

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News about Application Development

Digitise and streamline business processes with high-performance business process management (BPM) tools, e.g. case management tools.

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