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Atlantis PORT


Comprehensive solution for the management of port authorities in their financial economic field, linked to economic administration and the management of the business plan.

The specialization of our team provides a global vision and deep knowledge of the business logic of Public Administrations. This has made it possible to develop AtlantisPORT, a solution that fully satisfies the administrative and management procedures, with compliance with the legal, technological and process requirements expressed by the management of each port authority.

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From the import of the sales invoices, all the legal and operational possibilities of notification of settlements and invoices, collection and settlement of the debt are presented, with control of maturities, generation of surcharges and interest and sending to enforcement if necessary. SASEMAR’s collection is controlled, and there is a powerful installment and debt deferral module.

Purchasing management

A complete purchasing circuit has been set up with budget control by department and item. It begins with the introduction of budgets with the desired detail; From this point, the internal request is made, launching a budget approval and validation workflow. The order continues and, finally, the receipt of the invoice through the FACe portal, upon receipt of which another flow is automatically launched through a signature holder, which ends with the registration of the invoice and its communication to the FACe.

Management of business plan and files

The port authorities develop strategic plans that materialize in their multi-year business and investment plan. With this module, the introduction of the same, of the derived actions and the contracting files that they require is allowed. The management of these files allows their economic and administrative control, communication with PLACE/PLCSP, the association of the certifications to them and, finally, the invoices received and their payment. This provides a global vision with all the related states, which allows extracting any information that is required with the necessary detail.

Other features

The solution is equipped with multiple functionalities that allow it to cover all needs:

Guarantee. Guarantees and guarantees.

Analytical accounting.

User complaints.

Administrative and jurisdictional review procedure.

Wardrobe management.

Electronic administration: Notific@, FACe, PLACE/PLACS, portafirmas.

Integration with POSIDONIA and INTEGRA2, through BUS, web services or ODBC.


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