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UiPath, start creating and managing a digital workforce as large as the human one

You want a quick transformation in your business, don't you? Automation is the key. For speed and scale, you need hyperautomation, which starts here with the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. The only RPA platform that is ready for hyperautomation.

"We must move fast with strong partnerships and Alfresco has allowed to create a transformative, scalable, open and easy to use, and we did it in just six weeks"

Identify everything you can (or should) automate

AI-powered task mining and process mining tools—and the insights of your employees—flood your automation pipeline with great opportunities and a visible path to ROI. Task capture documents workflows faster and more accurately. Centralize your pipeline in automation hub to easily prioritize and manage a super productive automation program.

Create super intelligent and robust robots

Your software robots run your process automations. And with UiPath, anyone in the organization gets to create and use the bots, using a simple visual canvas. Anyone can be an automation creator or contributor. Think productivity!

Manage your robots masterfully

Monitor your robots with high-level security, visibility, and efficiency in orchestrator (on-premises) or automation cloud. Automate and manage even advanced cognitive workflows with AI center. Test any process with test suite.

Evaluate automation performance

Get insights into the performance of a specific robot, the ROI of your entire program, and any process in between, with insight analytics. Also, identify where you need to put more energy to improve further.


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By Esteban Anguita, Marketing Director at Lãberit

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Digitise and streamline business processes with high-performance business process management (BPM) tools, e.g. case management tools.

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