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Production planning
Demand Forecasting & Planning


Take control of your manufacturing processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your planning.

ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+) production planning software provides the visibility, insight and control needed to improve planning efficiency and accuracy. Our system takes into account all resources and constraints, from suppliers to all stages of production, leading to optimal and less stressful plans. Unlike systems that only manage parts of the manufacturing process, our production planning solution orchestrates and optimizes the entire production operation.
Heuristic rule-based approach.

This approach covers all planning constraints in a single step, considerably reducing the time required to produce an accurate plan.

High performance finite capacity planning.

Generate a production schedule in seconds, even for complex environments with large amounts of data. The intuitive interface allows planners to make changes into the program with just a few clicks. Accurate modeling allows planners to easily simulate and compare alternative ‘what-if’ production plan scenarios.

Production & Supply Chain Planning.

Our system is compatible with production and purchasing planning, takes into account market demand and adapts to different approaches, including make to stock, make to order or assembly to order. It provides insight into the long-term viability of demand. It links sales with logistics, proposing which products to manufacture and with what stock levels. Evaluates available production capacity, calculating and generating proposals for materials and components required to meet the production plan.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integration.

Integration with MES provides visibility into all steps of the production cycle, supporting scheduling, data collection, resource monitoring, shop floor control, batch tracking and traceability, quality control plan management, label printing, plant maintenance and KPI analysis. MES collects production plant data from a wide variety of devices through direct connections to machines and integrates them with other measurement systems.


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News about Supply chain and Industry 4.0

Digitize and streamline business processes with high-performance business process management (BPM) tools, e.g. case management tools.

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