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TDGOV - Electronic administration platform


Technological suite or platform that facilitates the digital transformation of public administrations.

Ensuring strict compliance with the current general regulations on ICT matters and, specifically, those relating to Public Administrations, it has a service-oriented architecture, bringing together all the enabling and common components prescribed by the current legislation on electronic administration, as well as as well as the ability to integrate with any existing software component in the entity’s own systems.

Processing of Electronic Files.

It incorporates a processing system, with the option of simplifying and redesigning procedures, of electronic files according to ENI regulations, and based on BPM (Business Process Management) that includes an advanced workflow engine that solves tasks, manages users and associated documents and sequence the predefined flow automatically or manually; at the discretion of the file instructor; interprets events such as due dates… and puts them into practice according to defined IT processes.

eDocumentation Management

It offers an electronic document management solution, from its receipt and electronic registration, through the conversion of any document into an electronic document according to the technical standard of interoperability, as well as the management of the definitive electronic file of the documentation and maintenance of the documentation originated in the management of the collegiate bodies of the entity.


TDGov incorporates an integrated contracting portal, in full compliance with Law 9/2017 on public sector contracts, so that any public sector administration or entity has a unified system to initiate and process the contracting procedure until its approval, counting with integration with the public sector contracting platform.

Citizen/company access to Electronic Administration

It has the necessary services to facilitate the relationship between the citizen/company and the administration, making use, for this purpose, of the electronic headquarters services, telematic presentation of applications, citizen folder, transparency portal, open data portal, among others.


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