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Hotel Las Arenas

Valencia - 18mayo, 09.00 - 15.30

Most organisations have been obliged to accelerate their Digitisation to improve their competitiveness by adopting new technologies. This has significantly increased cybersecurity and privacy risks, while at the same time bringing about the evolution of connectivity by deploying technologies such as SDWAN (which improve service and availability), the Cloud adoption as a business model, the access of users from any location safely with models Zero Trust, not forgetting the constant improvement in the protection against targeted attacks such as Ransomware and conceiving the cybersecurity in OT as part of its industrial improvement processes.

Join Fortinet’s team of experts who, along with guest speakers, will analyse what these challenges are and how the architecture  Fortinet Security Fabric can help you strengthen your organisation’s cyber security posture.

Plenary sessions, showroom con product demonstrations and much more await you at Fortinet Security Day Valencia 2022. Book your place now!

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